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Medicare Fraud Whistleblowers

Over the past two decades, whistleblower activities have led to billions of dollars in settlements for Medicare fraud cases, with whistleblowers receiving up to 30 percent of these recoveries as a reward for exposing misuse of government funds.

Hagens Berman, a whistleblower law firm, represents individuals in the healthcare industry who alert the government to a wide variety of fraudulent activities that rob Medicare of its dollars.

If you have inside knowledge of illegal activities in any of the following areas you may qualify for a reward:

  • Upcoding schemes that inflate medical bills by claiming patients require more expensive procedures than actually necessary
  • Misrepresentation of diagnoses to justify medically unnecessary services
  • Unlawful billing for procedures never performed or supplies never ordered
  • Payments, also known as kickbacks, to physicians, physician practices, or hospitals from pharmaceutical companies or others in return for drug promotion or purchasing.
  • Self-referrals, when a physician refers certain services to an entity in which they have a financial stake
  • Off-label promotion of drugs or medical devices or billing to Medicare Part D for non-medically accepted indications

If you believe you may have information in one of these areas, or know of other possible violations, you can contact an attorney by calling (206) 623-7292. You can also submit information confidentially by clicking here.