Whistleblower Legal Team

Whistleblower matters require attorneys with specialized knowledge and broad legal experience challenging the many forms of corporate and individual fraud. Hagens Berman, with more than 70 attorneys in nine offices and more than two decades of success against many of the world’s largest corporations, is best-positioned to handle all manner of whistleblower matters. We recognize that whistleblowers take significant risks when they choose to report fraud. We work to maximize the effectiveness of our client’s information and protect the interests of each whistleblower. Federal whistleblower programs receive thousands of tips from whistleblowers; to present an effective case a whistleblower needs a well-developed and well-researched complaint. Attorneys at Hagens Berman realize these challenges and work tenaciously for our whistleblower clients to great success.

Steve W. Berman, Managing Partner

Steve_W_Berman_mediumSteve Berman co-founded Hagens Berman in 1993 and is the firm’s managing partner. He leads the firm’s whistleblower practice, and has represented a number of relators under the False Claims Act. Widely considered one of the most successful attorneys in the country, Mr. Berman also represents consumers, investors, and employees in large, complex litigation in state and federal courts.

In the 1990s, Mr. Berman worked with a whistleblower, former Brown & Williamson executive Jeffrey Wigand, who helped expose Big Tobacco’s knowledge of the dangers of cigarettes. The disclosure of Mr. Wigand’s information ultimately helped lead to a $206 billion settlement on behalf of plaintiffs in 13 states.

Today Hagens Berman represents whistleblowers under a number of statutes, including the federal and state False Claims Acts and programs administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Berman’s trial experience has earned him significant recognition and led The National Law Journal to name him one of the 100 most powerful lawyers in the nation, and to repeatedly name Hagens Berman one of the top 10 plaintiffs’ firms in the country. Read more »

Shayne C. Stevenson, Whistleblower Practice Lead Attorney

Shayne_C_Stevenson_mediumMr. Stevenson, with Steve Berman, helps lead the firm’s whistleblower practice. He has litigated and argued cases in federal district courts and at the courts of appeal across the country. Currently Mr. Stevenson is handling qui tam litigation under the False Claims Act in several federal and state courts, while also handling whistleblower actions under the SEC, CFTC, and IRS whistleblower programs.

Mr. Stevenson has handled False Claims Act and other whistleblower cases against some of America’s largest financial companies, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, mortgage companies, and other companies engaged in fraud. His whistleblower practice includes, among others, off-label promotion of drugs and medical devices; fraudulent use of the 510(k) medical device process; Medicare reimbursement and coding abuse; financial exchange fraud; securities and bond market fraud; mortgage fraud; tax fraud; education fraud; defense industry and other government contractor fraud; unlawful kickbacks and Stark Act violations; and home healthcare fraud.

Mr. Stevenson helped settle whistleblower cases against Bank of America that culminated in the historic $1 billion settlement between the Department of Justice and Bank of America addressing mortgage fraud. Read more »

Karl Barth, Of Counsel

karl_barth_seattle_skylineMr. Barth, a CPA and licensed forensic accountant, works on several SEC/CFTC/IRS whistleblower matters. With a deep background in all areas of covered securities and commodities regulation, and a former practicing accountant with broad experience handling tax matters, and decades of experience in securities litigation, Mr. Barth provides invaluable assistance to many whistleblowers. Read more »

Leonard W. Aragon, Partner

thumbnail_Leonard_Aragon_Hagens_Berman_AttorneyLeonard Aragon, a graduate of Stanford Law School and a military veteran, handles whistleblower matters under the False Claims Act and the Dodd-Frank whistleblower programs of the SEC and CFTC. He is currently working on several matters involving health care fraud and elder abuse issues. Read more »

Elaine T. Byszewski, Partner

thumbnail_Elaine_Byszewski_Hagens_Berman_AttorneyElaine Byszewski is a partner at Hagens Berman where she has worked since 2004. She has litigated a number of complex class actions on behalf of consumers, employees, and whistleblowers resulting in multi-million dollar settlements, including cases against Toyota, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Costco, Apple and KB Homes. Read more »

Jennifer Fountain Connolly, Partner

jennifer_fountain_connellyMs. Connolly is a partner at Hagens Berman and operates the firm’s Washington, D.C. office. Her practice focuses on qui tam litigation, pharmaceutical pricing fraud cases, antitrust class actions and other types of complex litigation where she has held numerous leadership positions. Read more »

Elizabeth A. Fegan, Partner

thumbnail_Elizabeth_Fegan_Hagens_Berman_AttorneyBeth Fegan has worked with whistleblowers in the pharmaceutical and oil industries and has successfully prosecuted numerous fraud cases, including mail and wire fraud, traditional common law fraud and consumer fraud across many industries. Ms. Fagan also handles whistleblower matters under the False Claims Act and the Dodd-Frank whistleblower programs of the SEC and CFTC. Read more »

Jeff D. Friedman, Partner

thumbnail_Jeff_Friedman_Hagens_Berman_AttorneyJeff Friedman, a former federal prosecutor with the Department of Justice, handles whistleblower matters under the False Claims Act and the Dodd-Frank whistleblower programs of the SEC and CFTC. He has also represented local government entities enforcing false claims statutes and has been retained as counsel by government agencies in several fraud cases. Read more »

Tom E. Loeser, Partner

tom_loeserMr. Loeser is a partner at Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro where his practice focuses on class actions, False Claims Act/whistleblower cases, consumer protection and identity-theft and privacy. Under the False Claims Act, Mr. Loeser has resolved litigation in the District of New Jersey which recovered fraudulently obtained Medicare Outlier payments from several hospitals. Read more »

Robert F. Lopez, Partner

robert_lopezRob Lopez works on qui tam matters at the firm, representing whistleblowers in cases involving violations of federal and state laws that prohibit the making of false claims for government payments. He has also practices in complex commercial litigation, as well as patent and copyright cases. Read more »

David Nalven, Partner

thumbnail_David_Nalven_Hagens_Berman_AttorneyDavid Nalven has been a partner in Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro’s Cambridge office since 2004. His practice focuses on prosecution of federal and multi-state class actions involving the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Mr. Nalven also is active in the firm’s False Claims Act practice, including whistleblower cases involving financial institutions, telecommunications companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Read more »

Jeffrey T. Sprung, Partner

jeffery_sprungMr. Sprung is a partner at Hagens Berman, where he has worked since 1994. Mr. Sprung specializes in government fraud “qui tam” suits brought under the False Claims Act, representing whistleblowers serving as private Attorneys General. Read more »

Jason A. Zweig, Partner

thumbnail_Jason_Zweig_Hagens_Berman_AttorneyJason A. Zweig joined the firm in February 2011 and heads the firm’s New York office. Mr. Zweig is highly experienced in representing plaintiffs in antitrust, securities, consumer and other complex litigation. In addition, Mr. Zweig has experience representing whistleblowers in claims under the federal False Claims Act, state false claim acts, and the Dodd-Frank Whistleblower programs of the SEC and CFTC. Mr. Zweig’s representation of whistleblowers spans a variety of industries, including healthcare and financial services. Read more »

Leif Garrison, Of Counsel

thumbnail_Lief_Garrison_Hagens_Berman_AttorneyMr. Garrison is of counsel at Hagens Berman’s Colorado Springs office, where he has worked since 2010. His practice focuses on complex civil and pharmaceutical litigation, as well as whistleblower matters.

Mr. Garrison handles whistleblower proceedings under the False Claims Act and the Dodd-Frank whistleblower programs of the SEC and CFTC. He recently helped represent whistleblower Gregory Mackler in his successful False Claims Act lawsuit against Bank of America for its fraud under the Home Affordable Mortgage Program. Read more »

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