Hagens Berman CFTC Whistleblower Prompts Charges Against Flash Crash Fraudster

Charges of market manipulation and spoofing announced in newly unsealed cases originally prompted by a whistleblower represented by Hagens Berman.
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Hagens Berman Client Haim Bodek's Complaint Results in Record $14M Penalty to Bats Global

A complaint from Hagens Berman’s SEC whistleblower client, Haim Bodek, against Bats Global Markets has resulted in the largest penalty ever brought against a financial exchange – $14 million.
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Whistleblower Legal Team

Steve W. Berman, Managing Partner, and Shayne C. Stevenson, Partner, lead Hagens Berman’s team of 14 whistleblower attorneys who bring years of experience and specialized knowledge to your whistleblower claim.
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$1 Billion Bank of America Whistleblower Case

Hagens Berman represented former home appraisal manager and whistleblower Kyle W. Lagow, who blew the whistle on widespread fraud at Countrywide Financial, culminating in the historic $1 billion settlement.
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Video: What is Qui Tam?

Whistleblower attorney, Shayne Stevenson explains Qui Tam laws and how they work for whistleblowers.

Act Now—Become a Whistleblower

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Whistleblower Rewards

Whistleblowers are eligible for rewards for reporting fraud. Click to find out more.

FAQ for Whistleblowers

Find out key info you’ll need to blow the whistle effectively and safely.

WSJ: Court Decision Foils Insider-Trading Cases

In further rebuff to DOJ prosecutions, the Second Circuit lets an exceedingly narrow insider trading standard stand. — Shayne Stevenson “A federal appeals court decided to leave in place a ruling that restricts the scope of insider-trading prosecutions, setting the stage for additional convictions to be overturned. The Second U.S. Circuit …

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SEC: Companies Cannot Stifle Whistleblowers in Confidentiality Agreements

The SEC today announced a potentially game-changing enforcement action – “The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced its first ever enforcement action against a company for using improperly restrictive language in confidentiality agreements with the potential to stifle the whistleblowing process.” Prior to and especially since the passage of Dodd-Frank …

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Ottawa’s too heavy hand on corporate crime

We can learn more than just hockey from our great neighbors to the north. Treating corporate criminals more like we treat other criminals is a step in the right direction. If you steal from a store, you can’t go back in that store. If you commit fraud on my neighbor, …

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WSJ: Why Fraud Most Often Strikes Elderly Brokers

Fraudulent schemes targeting the most vulnerable are the most appalling. Whistleblowers who know about this kind of fraud perpetrated by broker-dealers and others should give Hagens Berman a call. Join our clients in reporting these criminals to the SEC and the CFTC. Just a few years ago Hagens Berman settled …

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WSJ: The Case for Bringing CFTC Regulation to Bitcoin

Like all emergent fields of commerce, where comes trade so comes fraud. Digital currency represents yet another daunting area of understanding and enforcement for government regulators such as the CFTC, as well as consumers. There is significant risk of fraud in the world of virtual currency and a need for …

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WSJ: Citigroup, Barclays Nearing $800M Settlement On Private Forex Lawsuit

Market manipulation, broadly understood, poisons our marketplace through its many disguises. Exchange rate manipulation is particularly devious, corrupting benchmarks relied upon by a variety of market participants. The rate rigging involved with Forex laid bare several A-list wall street banks and the culture of corruption that has become commonplace. JP …

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