Hagens Berman Client Haim Bodek's Complaint Results in Record $14M Penalty to Bats Global

Today, a complaint from Hagens Berman’s SEC whistleblower client, Haim Bodek, against Bats Global Markets has resulted in the largest penalty ever brought against a financial exchange – $14 million.
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Whistleblower Legal Team

Steve W. Berman, Managing Partner, and Shayne C. Stevenson, Partner, lead Hagens Berman’s team of 14 whistleblower attorneys who bring years of experience and specialized knowledge to your whistleblower claim.
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$1 Billion Bank of America Whistleblower Case

Hagens Berman represented former home appraisal manager and whistleblower Kyle W. Lagow, who blew the whistle on widespread fraud at Countrywide Financial, culminating in the historic $1 billion settlement.
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False Claims Act

Want to learn more about the False Claims Act? Contact our experienced team to find out about rewards, protections, and the scope of federal and state laws.
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Video: What is Qui Tam?

Whistleblower attorney, Shayne Stevenson explains Qui Tam laws and how they work for whistleblowers.

Act Now—Become a Whistleblower

Do you have knowledge about fraud? Click to share confidentially with our whistleblower legal team.

Whistleblower Rewards

Whistleblowers are eligible for rewards for reporting fraud. Click to find out more.

FAQ for Whistleblowers

Find out key info you’ll need to blow the whistle effectively and safely.

Auto industry whistleblower incentive OK’d by U.S. Senate

Whistleblowers in the auto industry save lives; silence kills. We know this. — Shayne Stevenson “A measure that would offer financial incentives for auto industry employees to expose safety defects won unanimous backing from a U.S. Senate panel today. The vote by 13 Republican and Democratic members of the Senate …

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DOJ to emphasize prosecuting individuals in corporate crimes

Anyone even vaguely familiar with human nature knows you gotta put skin in the game. Fraud leading to jail time is the magic algo. — Shayne Stevenson “The Justice Department will “double down” on its efforts to prosecute individuals culpable for corporate crimes, the agency’s acting No. 2 official said …

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WSJ: SEC Probes Companies’ Treatment of Whistleblowers

The SEC is flexing its muscle to protect whistleblowers. Corporate lawyers will have to go back to the drawing board for new ways to scare whistleblowers and retaliate. — Shayne Stevenson “The Securities and Exchange Commission is probing whether companies are muzzling corporate whistleblowers. In recent weeks the agency has …

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WSJ: CFTC Plan Raises Concern Over Trial by Jury

The CFTC, like the SEC and many other government agencies, is fully entitled to utilize the administrative legal system for adjudication of its enforcement actions against those committing fraud in the commodities and futures markets. It is hardly worthy of note that those who commit fraud should fret over such …

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Whistleblower Spotlight: JPMorgan Chase and Alayne Fleischmann

Ms. Fleischman’s story is the story of many financial fraud whistleblowers. It is important to report on financial immediately. To do that effectively, whether as a whistleblower under the Dodd-Frank whistleblower programs of the SEC or the CFTC, or under the False Claims Act or IRS whistleblower programs, one must …

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Whistleblower Protection: Where it Fits in Your Business

It is said that the best way to prevent labor organizing is for a company to treat workers with respect and dignity, to pay them well and provide benefits they deserve. The best way to prevent whistleblowers from reporting to the government about fraud at your company, under the False …

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